Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vinifera Conquestedores

I've been meaning to post about a discussion on enobytes that's being moderated by Craig Camp. Actually, I mostly want to discuss the post he included on his Wine Camp blog about Old World VS. New World. As usual I think Craig makes some great points, especially when it comes to the idea of a food/wine connection in Europe that is often absent in the American market. But I think he left a few things out or maybe didn't have the time/space to discuss them, so I'll be posting a more in depth look and discussion of this in the next few days. The enobytes discussion is kinda interesting but it's also a bit like fark for wine geeks so I'm probably not checking in there. Again, I meant to do this sooner but I got a little distracted with some other issues and then the weekend came and blah blah blah. So look forward to it, I know I do.


Cord said...

Get back to fighting!

enobytes said...

We are proud to be full of farkanoogan over here at enobytes!