Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to the future of green

I just read Craig Camp's post about the natural wine controversy and found it to be very balanced and interesting. He talks about spoofulation and gives a link to a really funny, sardonic post on Dressner's blog. But the point is that there are still good, honest wines out there that for whatever reason don't really fit the definition of "natural". Also, what is the definition of "natural"?


Nancy Deprez said...

Just found your blog through the Lyle thing. I can't figure out what you said that offended. Maybe you deleted. Are you in the wine business? Seems interesting reading here, but I'll have to bookmark for another day.

And again I am confused as to why the vulgar monkey is on everyone's blogroll!

Beau Rapier said...

The offenses are in earlier posts, hopefully that's all in the past. Yes, I work in a wine shop in Brooklyn. The VLM blog is a guy who is buddies w/ Lyle and knows a ton about wine and gives Lyle a hard time because they're buddies.

Thanks for reading and I hope you return.