Sunday, July 6, 2008

So? What About Wine?

A quick perusal of the wine blogs will usually reveal lists of tasting notes (the exceptions are the more offbeat blogs like Joe Dressner's and the non-independent ones like Asimov's): wine dinners the bloggers attended or meetings with winemakers or gatherings of other wine geeks where everyone brings something crazy or hard-to-find or themed gatherings (Rieslings your parents could have had on your conception night, premier cru burgundy's that are missing their import labels, etc.). But you rarely see lists of everything they drank that past week or weekend. Or maybe you do and I'm the only one whose job as an asst. manager at a wine shop coupled with my wifes administative salary is just enough to cover bills and student loans and the habits of our 1 year old son and living in NY and so you still drink wine most everyday but not usually the good or interesting stuff. Lyle Fass does do a bit on his blog Rockss and Fruit about terrible, weird wines that he opens. But most of this stuff is old, rare wine that was never meant to age so much or was just gross and overpriced from the get go (maybe they're old samples he finds buried in the basement of Chambers Street). It doesn't include the everyday wines that might be ok or flawed but drinkable or boring. I'm not implying that these wine people only drink expensive wine, they just rarely drink average stuff and almost never drink supermarket stuff. I understand and am against mass-produced, supermarket brand wines like all the rest but I'd be interested to see a list of everything they drank, if there weren't a few Journeys or Eagles or Arcade Fires among all the jazz masterpieces and underground, indie-rock classics. So my next post will be a tasting list of all I had over the past few days. I'll probably forget a few things that I just tasted briefly with an importer rep. at the shop, but I'll try to include as much as I remember.


Lyle Fass said...

So I don't taste humble wines, skinny-jeans hipster,

um what about this, my most post

So research a little before you critiscize me for drinking expensive wines which is so far from the truth it is laughable.

Clarke said...

Hmm... Journey doesn't exactly work as the musical analogue to a supermarket wine... That would be, like, Hilary Duff or Clay Aitken or somebody. Innocuous and omnipresent, something that people "into music" rarely even register. Journey is more like, I don't know, Lambrusco. Used to be wildly popular with the masses, went through a long period of being considered passe, now experiencing something of a revival among wine hipsters for its combination of charming-reminder-of-bygone-era plus pure and utter deliciousness. (N.B. I love both Journey and Lambrusco.)

I hate the fucking Eagles, man. Like buttery Cali Chard. Used to be wildly popular, not so much in fashion now, always been soulless suckage.

Arcade Fire? Clos Roche Blanche. Every wine hipster you know loves them, and despite the fact that you're kind of uncomfortable with that (because, well, you're kind of a wine hipster yourself), you like them too... Because they're fucking good!

Anonymous said...