Monday, July 14, 2008

Wait, Wait, Wait!

After I plugged Gary Vaynerchuk I went to his website and saw his most recent video. Oh no, no, no. He's got Jim Cramer on and they're discussing wine and comparing it to oil. Supply and demand, the investment possibilities of '05 Bordeaux, trusting in talking heads when making decisions about money. It's making me feel light headed. Surprise, Cramer loves oaky fruit bombs. Apparently Chinon is like utility stocks--out of style. I never took Gary too seriously but now I'm pretty sure he may be someone to take very seriously. He's gonna take us to the promised land of making money on Chateau Latour. It's one thing if Cramer buys up all the Screaming Eagle or Quilceda Creek out there, but when he's got a majority of the 2005 DRC wines and vast holdings in vintage port we'll have Gary Vaynerchuk to thank. Cramer, by the way, isn't spitting but that's not so fun because I think he's drunk all the time anyway. Goddamnit.


J David Harden said...

You asked for input, so I think you should read this:

Then, as my (unfinished) thesis advisor loved to say, you should decide whether you want to be serious or bombastic. There's room for both, of course. But one is vastly more interesting than the other. One might help you sustain the, no doubt massive, traffic bump that Lyle brought your way. The other, not so much.

My advisor also said something else that I'll pass along: Edit yourself most severely at those points you think yourself the most clever.

Beau Rapier said...

I'm definitely still experimenting with voice/tone/style, so thanks for the input. The last few posts were written quickly--maybe too much so. I enjoyed the post you recommended. I don't usually have the time to produce something that polished and researched, but I'll consider a few in that direction. I have to say though that I don't exactly agree w/ the premise of his argument. Maybe I'll speak more about it on the pickyeater blog. Thanks again for your input.