Monday, July 14, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Blogosphere

Deb Harkness has an interesting post here about attending a wine blogging conference and how the online community of wine bloggers and enthusiasts is influencing the wine business. Basically she says we ARE INFLUENCING the wine business in a pretty major way. Awesome. It's a real populist movement to promote the desires and the palates of wine geeks everywhere. We have the power, not Wine Spectator or Southern Wine and Spirits or Inbev.

At the conference she mingled with other online wine personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk whose Wine Library TV is really very entertaining. But just once I'd like to watch him do a bit (maybe about Amarone) w/out spitting. You know, watch him slowly get his buzz on, but I guess that wouldn't be professional. Too bad.

I really am working on a long, tedious discussion of Old World vs. New World but as you can see I just wanted to post something with as many links as possible.

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